Friday, July 31, 2009


To kick things off here's a very funny 24-minute comic from Paper Jam member and small press star Ben Clark which he left at the shop and I rescued/stole.

To explain the already quite self-explanatory format, the 24 minute comic is a speedier variation on the popular 24-hour comics day, where comic creators do a strip for every hour of a day. In this case we restrict ourselves to one comic completed within 24 minutes. Random words and phrases are written down and popped into a hat, then two are pulled out to form the inspiration for the strips. It's a quick and refreshing way for comics types to test their imagination and drawing power and a way to get a comic strip done without slaving away at a drawing table for days on end.

The phrases pulled out this time were "pie chart" and "starting now!".

- Andy

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Paul Thompson said...

Some tools for 24 Minute or doing other improv comics at home: