Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Some idle doodles from Paul at the EGO festival in Durham on Jack and Daniel's comic template, in between selling comics... some characters and situations from upcoming stories... in Tales of the Hollow Earth and A4 Comics Presents

- Paul


Andy said...

I LOVE that last panel, Paul mate. Gorgeous shading.

Britt7094 said...

I'm still in awe of anyone who can put a decent panel together without the use of rough pencils of some sort but you managed it.

Michael Duckett said...

My dialogue for the panels:

1. "oo, my eyepatch is itching"
2. 'Inside the eyepatch, things are getting complicated.'
3. 'Only Guy Fawkes can fix this problem.'
4. "Let's all him with the magic street lantern!" But where is he?
5. 'Oh no! He has become dazzled by disco balls!
6. 'It's too late. The eyepatch has grown legs. We are doomed.'

Michael Duckett said...

I've had a better idea, to pad out the 'Music ... and that' anthology

- we all draw textless panels (or nick em from what kids have done at daniel n jack's workshops) and add the lyrics of songs.

So with this one, just add the following lyrics and 'The Jam' have to reform to play 'wasteland':

Panel 1. "Meet me on the wastelands - later this day,"
Panel 2 "We'll sit and talk and hold hands maybe,"
Panel 3 "For there's not much else to do in this drab and colourless
Panel 4 "We'll sit amongst the rubber tyres,"
Panel 5 "Amongst the discarded bric-a-brac, people have no use for"
Panel 6 "amongst the smouldering embers of yesterday."