Tuesday, June 1, 2010


There's been an influx of new members at the last couple of meetings, so I've ended up a with a fairly large pile of 24-minute comics to post, not all of them with names attached.  These ones, from various assorted newbies, were inspired by "cats" and "finger puppets"...

(Leo Hunt)

(Jenny Coxon)

(unknown, incorporating "coffee" and "communist" from another selection)

(Lewis Garvey)


If anyone can attach names to these unknowns then please pop a comment below.

- Andy

1 comment:

Britt7094 said...

Good to see so many new faces. Hope we keep seeing them for many meetings to come. The wide range of styles we have here now is just amazing.

Also, Jenny is my sister so her last name also be Coxon. :)